Steel case: Student Chair Node, Brody Table, Dre Tops

Steelcase- Student Chair Node, Brody Table, Dre Tops


  • 25% Cost Savings
  • Improved practical impact
  • Tight tolerance custom colors
  • Eliminated various aesthetic issues

DometicRV Exhaust Fan Assemblies

Dometic- RV Exhaust Fan Assemblies


  • 22% Cost Savings
  • Clear & transparent tight tolerance custom colors

DynaConIndustrial Conveyer Shields

DynaCon- Industrial Conveyer Shields

Polycarbonate, Glass Filled, Impact Modified

  • Tight tolerance custom color gray
  • Eliminated color variation after addition of foaming agent
  • Impact Modified, Foamable

Steelcase: Office Desk Sliding Drawer Assembly

Steelcase- Office Desk Sliding Drawer Assembly

Recycled ABS

  • Successful green initiative
  • 18% Cost Savings
  • Black color
  • Zero rejections since program inception (2+ years) using 100% recycle
  • Meets all product quality specs established with incumbent virgin resin