Giving Back

At CrossPoint, giving is foundational to who we are.  We are partnering with local and global foundations to give back.  We specifically want to work with the homeless population here in Evansville, IN and with orphanages in Asia.  We work diligently to make your company and ours profitable so that we can make a positive impact in the lives of these people.

Local Empowerment

Local Empowerment

Evansville Christian Life Center

We also help connect hundreds of busy people with limited resources to make an impact through volunteering and donating.

  • We provide a three-step path to restoration:
  • Relief: meeting practical needs like food and clothing
  • Resource: offering education & relationships
  • Release: in-depth and long-term anti-poverty initiative


We believe that our community and its families will be stronger when everyone has a safe, decent and sustainable place to call home.

Aurora pledges to be actively involved in

  • Direct Services: Providing services to the homeless
  • Prevention: Promoting services that prevent homelessness
  • Community Awareness: Educating the community on homeless issues
  • Collaboration: Facilitating collaboration among agencies, churches, schools, businesses, etc.
  • Advocacy: Advocating for the social and economic changes necessary to make ending homelessness a reality.
Global Empowerment

Global Empowerment

Uncharted International

Uncharted International is a non-profit organization, based in Evansville Indiana, with an almost twenty year history.  Uncharted’s mission is based on one simple belief….that given opportunity, the marginalized have the capacity to become self sufficient. We believe that they want to work toward sustainability if given access to the resources needed:

  • Personal safety;
  • Clean water and sanitation;
  • Health services;
  • Basic education and job skills training;
  • Leadership development;
  • Government advocacy; and;
  • Moral teachings that build character and integrity

Uncharted has invested heavily in this fundamental vision, concentrating donor’s resources among some of the ‘most poor’ in the world.

Uncharted History – the genesis of Uncharted occurred in 1995 with the sponsorship of a single orphanage in Myanmar. In the time since, the number of children being cared for has risen from 20 to over 600, with expansion to eleven separate orphanage campuses. Over time, many other initiatives have been developed to broaden and deepen our impact. This momentum resulted in Uncharted International being launched as a non-profit corporation in late 2010, to expand our partnerships and donor base to other churches and organizations in the southwestern Indiana, southeastern Illinois, and northwestern Kentucky ‘tri-state’ area.’